Formosan Association for Human Rights urges Congress to help Chen Shui-bian ◎ Michael Richardson / Taiwan Policy Examiner Taiwanese-American groups are stepping up efforts to help former Republic of China in-exile President Chen Shui-bian. Chen, in his fourth year of imprisonment, is serving a lengthy sentence following a controversial trial for alleged political corruption involving so-called “soft money” while in office. The Formosan Association for Human Rights has added its voice to the growing chorus of outrage at Chen’s treatment by the exiled Chinese government he once headed. Taiwan, a former Japanese territory, has been under Nationalist Chinese control since the United States imposed Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang troops on the island in 1945. The human rights group has sent a letter to U .S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chair of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee urging intervention by the United States over Chen’s harsh treatment. Confined to a tiny cell, Chen’s health has suffered in prison and it was recently disclosed that Chen had unknowingly, and without his consent, had been medicated with the psychiatric drug lorazepan for 14 months. Lindac Lin, head of FAHR, wrote that the conditions of Chen’s imprisonment constitute a “blatant human right violation” and urged intervention. Details of Chen’s situation emerged in early March when he was hospitalized for cardiac catheterization. Lin noted, “Family members and friends are stunned after seeing his frail appearance as well as his unmistaken drop in mental sharpness and concentration during his hospital stay.” Lin called Chen’s treatment by ROC officials “inhuman and unlawful” and asked Ros-Lehtinen to support “Chen’s basic human rights” to Congress. The Formosan Association for Public Affairs has made a similar plea calling Chen’s treatment “inhumane” while the Taiwan Civil Rights Litigation Organization has called Chen’s plight the result of “evil”. TCRLO has suggested that it is time to invoke the Torture Victims Protection Act for Chen. The American Citizens for Taiwan has urged application of internationally recognized minimum standards for Chen and called for self-determination for the island. The United States is the principle occupying Power of Taiwan, also called Formosa, under the San Francisco Peace Treaty that ended World War II with Japan. The islanders, long promised self-determination, have been caught in a Cold War “strategic ambiguity” since the end of World War II. In 2009, the District of Columbia U. S. Court of Appeals called Taiwan’s unresolved political status under the exiled government a case of “political purgatory” and urged President Barack Obama to resolve sovereignty. Chen has claimed his prosecution was politically motivated because of his pro-Taiwanese views. Chen’s Kuomintang successor Ma Ying-jeou has declared he will not grant a pardon to Chen who still faces 18 years in prison. April 5, 2012 台灣人權協會 敦促國會幫助陳水扁 ◎邁克爾·理查森/對台政策的考官 台灣美國團體正在加緊努力,以幫助中國前共和國流亡政府總統陳水扁。陳,在他的第四年監禁,正在服刑後,因涉嫌政治腐敗的爭議審判涉及所謂的“軟錢”,而在辦公室冗長的句子。 台灣人權協會已經增加了它的聲音,憤怒的增長合唱流亡中國政府在陳水扁的治療,他曾經率領。前日本的領土,台灣,中國國民黨控制下一直以來美國對蔣介石的國民黨軍隊在1945年島內 人權小組已致函美國S。代表伊萊亞娜羅斯-萊赫蒂寧,強大的眾議院外交事務委員會主席敦促美國對陳水扁的苛刻待遇的干預。 局限於一個狹小的牢房,陳水扁的健康狀況已在獄中遭受它是最近披露,陳水扁已在不知不覺中和未經他同意,曾一直在14個月的精神科藥物lorazepan藥。 Lindac林,對法爾的負責人,寫的條件陳水扁的監禁構成“公然人類權利的侵犯”,並敦促干預。陳水扁的情況的詳情出現在三月初,當他住院心導管檢查。林指出,“家人和朋友都看到他住院期間他體弱的外觀以及他的心理清晰度和濃度unmistaken下降停留後,驚呆了。” 林稱為陳水扁的處理由我國官員“不人道的和非法的”,並問羅斯-萊赫蒂寧向支持“陳水扁的基本人權”國會 台灣人公共事務協會也提出了類似的呼籲,呼籲陳水扁的治療“不人道”,而台灣民權訴訟組織已呼籲陳水扁的困境,“邪惡”的結果。TCRLO已建議援引陳的酷刑受害者保護法“的時間,這是 對台灣的美國公民。敦促陳國際公認的最低標準的應用程序和要求自決的島嶼。 美國是佔領國的原則台灣,也被稱為福爾摩沙,根據舊金山和平條約,結束與日本二戰。的島民,長期承諾自決,已被捕獲在冷戰時期的“戰略模糊”自第二次世界大戰結束以來, 在2009年,哥倫比亞美國法院上訴區叫的流亡政府的案件下台灣尚未解決的政治地位“政治煉獄”,並敦促奧巴馬總統來解決主權。 陳水扁聲稱,他的起訴是出於政治動機,因為他的親台灣的意見。陳水扁的國民黨的繼任者馬英九已宣布,他不會給予赦免陳仍面臨18年徒刑。